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VoxAfrica on Homestrings.com
VoxAfrica.com interview with Eric Guichard (in French) - commentary on current economic issues facing Africa and the launch of Homestrings.com a Gravitas company

Wessoceity.com on Homestrings.com
Wessociety.com (Investor vs. Entrepreneur) Eric discusses Homestrings and its value proposition to the African Diaspora

CDB Roundtable: Can Medium-Term Economic Recovery in the Caribbean be Accelerated?
Eric participates in Caribbean Development Bank roundtable discussion on Accelerating Caribbean Regional Growth, Nassau, Bahamas, May 2011

Facing Down the Global Economic Crisis
Eric Guichard interviewed on Capitol Hill about "Facing Down the Great Recession of 2008"

World Bank Forum on Diaspora/North America
Eric reports break-out session findings at World Bank Forum on Diaspora/North America - 9/2010 - Washington, DC. Please scroll down on the right to the Yellow Group Summary.

"Too Big to Fail"
Eric keynotes debate on "Too big to Fail" in the context of Caribbean at the Caribbean Center for Money and Finance - 2010 - Port-of-Spain, Trinidad

Opportunity Funding Corporation's (OFC) 2009 Diaspora Forum
Eric speaking at Opportunity Funding Corporation's (OFC) 2009 Diaspora Forum - 11/2009 - Washington, DC.

CDB Roundtable: Beyond the Crisis: Recovery in the Caribbean
Eric-Vincent Guichard discusses what the economic crisis has revealed about the ability of Caribbean nations to cope and the lessons that can be learned from this experience.

2009 Risk Innovators: Winners in the Financial Category
  Formal Announcement

Risk and Insurance Magazine, September 15, 2009
Eric Guichard, CEO of GRAVITAS receives 2009 Risk Innovator Award in Finance from Risk and Insurance Magazine.

CDB Roundtable: Addressing Constraints to Growth and Development in the Caribbean
Institutional Investor, May 2009

Eric-Vincent Guichard suggests strategies that Caribbean countries can implement during this period of economic crisis.

Financial institutions advised on money management
Antigua Sun, July 14, 2008

Guichard, who is Chief Investment Officer of the Washington-based financial group, Gravitas Capital Advisors, encouraged regional bankers to be vigilant.

Trinidadian Minister Scores Agreements for Financial Center
PR Newswire, June 26, 2008
Gravitas Capital Advisors said in a statement that it also would also work with the Ministry of Finance to make the TTIFC a success.

Showing Resilience in face of Global Economic Slowdown
Institutional Investor, May 2008
Eric-Vincent Guichard weighs in on the effect of a US recession on the Caribbean economy.

Bankers and Investors speak on the effects of global financial system on the Caribbean
Broad Street Journal Online, March 27, 2008
Eric-Vincent Guichard speaks at a Caribbean Development Bank Roundtable on liquidity in the Caribbean.

Global imbalances and Caribbean Development
Commonwealth Secretariat, April 2, 2008
Eric-Vincent Guichard comments on methods the Caribbean can use to steel themselves against the US financial crisis.

Are non-OECD Pensions trapped by an inability to diversify their real estate investments?
Institutional Investor, January 2007
GRAVITAS discusses how to address these impediments and secure global real estate diversification while meeting internal guideline requirements.

As for commodity wealth, are these the 70s all over again?
Institutional Investor, September 2006
GRAVITAS proposes a new vision and methodology to avoid the pitfalls experienced during the last commodity boom.

Should tertiary education only be abundant in developed nations?
Institutional Investor, July 2006
The firm discusses the need to facilitate access to resources needed to widespread tertiary education as a key to economic development.

Is conventional wisdom about pension shortfall the same in non-OECD nations as it is in OECD countries?
Institutional Investor, April 2006
In this article, Eric V. Guichard, CIO presents GRAVITAS' analysis and proposed solution.

Private Equity with a twist.
EUROMONEY, June 2005
GRAVITAS describes a new approach to private equity investing.

'Out of the box' thinking drives GRAVITAS to innovative solutions.
Institutional Investor, March 2005
In this article, GRAVITAS talks about the boutique investment firm's unique approach to client problem solving.

How can sovereigns enhance their capital access strategies? a Plan of Action
EUROMONEY, October 2004
In this article, Eric V. Guichard discusses a new framework to facilitate improved credit ratings and independent sovereign capital access strategies.


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